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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pinterest Bird Feeder

Well it took a little while, but I finally got on board the "Pinterest craze!"  I had signed up a while ago, but didn't quite get it...and couldn't understand why it was so addicting!  Well...I got on every now and then, and just recently it hit!  I find such Wonderful things on there...I LOVE it!  Recipes, DIY projects, gardening ideas, homemade you name it...pretty much anything and everything! 

I have many things pinned, and figured that I should actually start creating some of these awesome things! of my first projects (I have done 3 or 4 now) was a homemade bird feeder.  The original pin came from here.

Their bottle was a 2 liter, and they used wooden spoons.  I loved the idea, but didn't want to go out and buy a bottle of soda and wooden spoons to make this "recycled" bird feeder!  Seemed to defeat the purpose!  Anyway, I found a 20 oz. water bottle, and some plastic spoons and this is the end result!  I love it, and so do the birds!  

My little helper:)  Filling the bottle can get messy...I suggest filling it inside a bag to catch all of the seed that flies off the spoons:)

Completed project!  I used my box knife to make triangles on one side and "T" slits on the other side.  The handle of the spoon goes the triangle hole, and into the "T" slits on the other side.  Repeat for as many spoons as you wish.  Screw an eye hook or small hook through the lid, attach string, fill feeder and you're all set!

Took about 4 days for me to see our first bird:)

Now...seems to be the popular breakfast spot! 

So much fun!  For me and the kiddos!!

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