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Friday, April 30, 2010

Feature Friday! Today: Portland Beanie Company

Today I thought I would feature an Etsy shop called Portland Beanie Company, that sells the cutest handmade beanies/hats as well as handmade mary jane slippers, headbands and scarves! I just recently found this shop, and I think everything in this shop is just adorable! My little girls are definitely getting one of the hats and scarves for Christmas this year...maybe Mommy too!

The Beanies in this shop range from Newborn to Adult size. Headbands and Mary Jane slippers range from newborn to children sizes, and Scarves range from Newborn to preteen sizes! Such a great variety of sizes and beautiful colors!

Portland Beanie Company joined Etsy in 2006, and has an Awesome feedback rating (100%)! Everything is designed and handmade by Nili Barrett from Portland Oregon. This is definitely a shop to check out!
Check back for more featured Etsy shops every Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips and Tricks

I received an email today about some tricks that you can use Bounce for. Bounce being the little fabric softener sheets that you put in your dryer. One trick that caught my eye in particular was about using Bounce to remove cat hair! My two cats love the bed in my craft room/spare bedroom/office, and lay there all day long some days. I have covered the bed with an old sheet because of the large amounts of cat fur that accumulates! I know, gross! So after reading this trick, I used two bounce sheets and removed an amazing amount of hair off of this sheet! If I had used one of those lint rollers, it would have used an entire roll! And, it smells great in my room now:) Hope you can find this useful! Another one that may be useful is to put a Bounce sheet in shoes or boots to help keep the odor at bay. (May have to try this with my hubby's combat boots!) Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank you Fairy Much!

So for the last couple of days I have been working on these lovely little thank yous in my spare time. I haven't had a whole lot of spare time because my youngest did not want to nap for me when the other was napping! Such is life sometimes! Anyway, I made these to send to my family for the wonderful birthday presents that they sent me a couple weeks ago. I am running a little late getting them out, but better late than never!

I made these 4x4 thank yous using a cute little fairy stamp that I have had for many years. I also really like using ink to distress edges, as you can tell,...check out my etsy shop if you want to see some of my other distressed items! Anyway, just a fun little project to send out my many thanks! Hope you enjoy!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Special Requests

One of the things I have been doing, along with just making my own projects to put on my site, is creating cards or items that someone requests. These two cards are the most recent requests from one of my best customers. She needed a graduation card, and a Mother to be card. So, these are the cards I came up with. If ever you see something on here that you like, you can check my Etsy shop to see if I have something like that on there, or ask me personally to create one for you! Of course, no two items will ever look exactly alike, but they can look close! Hope you like these cards! Have a great Monday!

Front of card
Inside of Card

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Inspiration!

I think a little inspiration goes a long's hoping everyone has a wonderful week ahead of them!

If you want to be successful, it's just this simple: Know what you're doing. Love what you're doing. And believe in what you're doing. -- Will Rogers

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jillian and Salem..BFF's

I am always snapping pictures of my girls, or things I think would make great pictures...I take pictures of my items for my etsy shop as well...always looking for that great shot. I teased in the About me section that I am a photographer, and I do believe that I am in a way...just not a professionally trained photographer! I don't think you have to have professional training to take great pictures! So, here is one that I absolutely LOVE. It is my daughter and her BFF Salem (one of our kitties). He has loved this little girl since the day I brought her home, and she loves him; a little too much sometimes! :) Hope you enjoy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting Started!

Well, this is a very new thing to me! I have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to start a blog...I just didn't know where to start. I still kind of don't know what exactly I am doing, but I have started! Sometimes, the hardest part is getting started!
I wrote a little bit of this in the about me section, but I can go into a little greater detail about me here I think. I have been so very fortunate to be a stay at home mom to my two little girls. My oldest, Jillian, will be two next month, and my youngest, Jessica, just turned five months old! The time has gone so quickly, and they grow much too fast! And, as much as I love watching them grow, and look forward to sharing lifes milestones with them, I wish they would stay little forever:)
My husband is in the United States Air Force, and is a really great guy. He loves me, and his two little girls very much, and would do anything for any of us. His goal in joining the AF, was to be the sole income earner so that I could stay home with our daughter, and other children as they came along. So far that has been possible for us, and it really is such a blessing to be able to stay home with my many other moms have to work to make ends meet for their families.
Now, that being said...I have way too much energy to just sit at home doing nothing. I guess I should say CREATIVE Energy though, since a lot of the time I spend my spare time creating things rather than doing things I should be housework! Don't get me wrong, the house gets cleaned, but I would much rather scrapbook or make cards or make whatever before I get the vacuuming done! I have recently started selling the cards that I make online, which has been a fun adventure! I am glad to be able to share the things I love to make with others! If you would like to see my online shop please feel free to take a look! Right now, with the time I am able to put into it, the business is more of a hobby than a full time job type of thing, but I am having a lot of fun with it, and hope to share some of my thoughts, ideas, and creations on here for the world to see! And, I would love comments or suggestions or whatever! Even if it's just a hello!
Well, I guess for today I should sign off...stay tuned for more!